The Look


September 2016

Today was my first trip to the Lab in Peekskill. I just wanted to get familiar with the set up and people so I can be productive. Time goes by too fast. If I was doing this at home my family would starve because I would completely lose track of time. So instead I plan to carve out as much time as I can to work here where I can’t be interrupted but the parking meter time keeps me from totally neglecting my other obligations.

Last night we got our first real FLASH lesson. I can rotate, skew, and create a motion tween. The drawing part is totally frustrating. Knowing Illustrator would be very helpful. I see a few more classes in my future. Yippee!

Time to play with the program. (Flash) No results. In fact it was a total mess, but I was able to log into through the Westchester Library System. The tutorial’s are perfect. Short step by step instructions. In the mean time I have been designing a lipstick character and exploring some educational animations for reference. The possibilities are endless. I wish I had more time to play and practice.

Taking this on probably doesn’t make sense to anyone else but me. Why start something new at my age. I say why not? What’s to lose? I’m having fun. Are you?
Meanwhile at the Lab……..
Two hours to produce 20 seconds of animation that is not exactly what I wanted. Good job. Coming back tomorrow and hoping for a better outcome. I had a discussion with my son to try to figure out what I am doing wrong.( He learned flash, but is was a while ago)I need to fine tune what I did.

First blog post

This is my very first blog post. I’ve started on this endeavor to learn some animation skills. Also, I need to bring my digital skills back up to speed. Just setting up this blog has been a learning experience. I am not totally starting from scratch but it is still a big effort. It’s just like anything else, when you first start, everything seems to take so long compared to the way you used to do it. Then when you have done it a few times, you can’t imagine why you were so clumsy in the beginning. I’ve been warned that I will get frustrated but so far the biggest frustration is I have to wait a whole week in between classes. Yes, I make tons of mistakes. Which in turn rewards me with lots of knowledge. It is amazing how much I’ve learned by getting it wrong. My brain is filled with ideas, and my spirit is filled with determination. So wish me luck and stay tuned for my progress reports.